Randy Martin

Randy Martin
Band Leader, Vocals, Keyboards & Sax

Day Job: President of Randy Martin & Assocociates, Enviromental Consulting
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For three decades, Randy Martin has entertained audiences from coast to coast appearing at festivals, night clubs, corporate functions, casinos and special events of every kind.
Randy has led his band from Las Vegas to the Grand Ol Opry. Heís been the piano player for the legendary Drifters, the opening act for Tommy James and the Shondells, entertained members of Congress and the Vice President of the United States.

Heís written, orchestrated and produced over a hundred soundtracks and commercials for major US corporations such as General Motors, McDonald's and General Electric. He brings his talents as a producer to the stage, selecting only the best musicians and singers available to appear with him. Experienced musicians and singers who have appeared with Aretha Franklin, the Temptations, George Michael and other stars.

Randy has been a featured solo vocalist virtually his entire life. As a young man appearing in musicals, concerts, church productions and in front of live bands, Randy worked at perfecting his craft. His hard work payed off in a career that now spans three decades as a professional singer and musician.

Randy attributes his successful career to his parents and sisters. Mom was always playing the piano, and Dad was on his guitar and singing. It was just natural for us to jump in on vocals. I donít know how you could have been born into that family and not be a singer.

Randy also gives a lot of credit to his music instructors at Indiana Universityís School of Music. "When I was studying voice in college, the instructors were actually professional opera singers, including some of the best-known voices from New Yorkís Metropolitan Opera.

I wasnít headed for a career in the opera, but the vocal instruction was among the best in the world . . . and appearing in minor roles in operas gave me on-stage experience in singing that canít be found in any other genre."

Randyís comments on entertaining:

There are times when an audience is ready for us to get a party going . . . to hit them nonstop with fast, exciting music at a volume that gets everybody up and involved. And when that time comes, Iím ready!

But if weíre asked to play an early set of smooth jazz, I know the difference between background volume and concert volume, and I sure know the difference between background music selections and party music . . . and many subtle degrees between the two.


Randy has sung on more commercials, soundtracks and professional demos than he can possibly remember. His studio experience and ability to quickly deliver what producers (and ad agencies) want make him a popular choice in recording studios.

His studio work has also brought Randy opportunities to use his ability to impersonate celebrities, such as Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Johnny Matthis and, of course, Elvis Presley. Usually producers will bring in Elvis impersonators to try out. And usually, they discover that the guyís voice doesnít sound nearly as much like Presley if you arenít looking at the facial expressions, the hair and the clothes. These impersonators generally share a common ignorance; they donít know why Elvis sounded like he did . . . how much air he was using, how he was hitting different notes of the scale, how to make his vibrato, and so on.

Randy does an occasional live celebrity impersonation, typically during shows in night club appearances. His incredible comedy version of Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand singing "You Donít Bring Me Flowers Anymore" is classic. "Sometimes Iíll run into someone whoís seen me do the Flowers routine; they may not remember my name, but they always remember the one-man duet."

  • PIT ORCHESTRA: piano, flute for musicals and opera productions

  • LIVE KEYBOARDS: for The Drifters

  • STUDIO MUSICIAN: acoustic bass, electric bass, piano/keyboards (including some top 40 country hits)

  • STUDIO SINGER: soloist and/or backup singer on pop, gospel and country sessions, commercials, soundtracks, and writer demos

  • COMPOSER: commercials and soundtracks for Fortune 500 companies, including (but not limited to) General Motors, McDonaldís and General Electric

  • ORCHESTRATOR AND ARRANGER: commercials and soundtracks, marching bands, pit orchestras

  • BAND LEADER, RANDY MARTIN BANDS: night clubs, festivals, corporate events, weddings, private parties throughout the eastern half of the US , going west to appear in Las Vegas